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The Skin Wellness Studio offers a holistic approach to skin health

The Skin Wellness Studio offers a realistic and holistic approach to skin health and management. Holding space for assessment, education, discussion and understanding options around what is right for you and your skin wellness.

My goal for my clients is to feel understood and heard which then leads to achieving skin wellness goals. I believe skin health cannot be improved without looking at the full lifestyle of the client. Factors such as dietary habits, stress, social routines, environmental toxins and topical products all have the potential to impact the skin in both negative and positive ways.

During an initial consultation I work to understand your concern but also to assess the skin and map out what may be causing your skin to behave the way it is. I want you to be able to take ownership of the things you are doing in your everyday life that could be causing an issue with your skin.

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A little bit about me

Hi, I'm Sally

I have been a fully qualified Dermal Clinician since 2009, and have been working with skin for 18 years. My interest in healing the skin began when I was a teenager and had my own journey healing acne. It created a passion for understanding why the skin behaves a certain way and saw the start of my observation of environmental and lifestyle factors impacting the skin.

I’ll never forget the relief when I started seeing changes in how my skin was functioning. I thought to myself, “I want to be able to give others this feeling!”, and so the journey began. When I finished school I studied a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and realised there was so much more to know. I completed my Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Dermal Therapies in 2009 through Victoria University.

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A holistic approach in choosing the right brands for you

Osmosis Beauty

I choose to use and recommend skin care from highly regarded, clean cosmeceutical and wellness brand Osmosis Skincare. Osmosis includes a list of oncology friendly products and chooses to formulate using ingredients free of parabens, petrochemicals and artificial fragrance. With both topical products and highly effective internal health support systems you can be prepared to have options to not only look brighter but to feel more energetic too.

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Reducing our toxic load leads to a healthier body, accessing essential oils to lift our mood, calm a nervous tummy, ground us when feeling anxious, fill us with confident energy and help us relax before sleep is a superpower you didn’t know you needed. I choose to utilise and endorse a straight medical grade essential oils range from Young Living and a remedial wellness body range from ilapothecary.

ilapothecary is based upon essential oils and homeopathic preparations to calm the body and mind whilst also working to either cleanse or hydrate the skin.

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At The Skin Wellness Studio we are obsessed with Henne Organics for lip care. Henne offers beautiful hydration and has gorgeous colours without heavy pigment agents. Using a coconut oil base you will never want to be without your Henne lip balm or lip stain.

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TAKe Bio Actives

We truly believe optimal skin health means feeling amazing too. Medicinal mushroom line, TAKe Bioactives is a huge player in our internal wellness support system and offers so many benefits in just powder form! There is a suitable product for you to enhance what you are getting out of every day.

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Absolutely love The Skin Wellness Studio! Sally created a plan for me and my skin in the lead up to my wedding day and I couldn’t have been happier. Every time I visit the studio I have a great experience and Sally is always going above and beyond to ensure each treatment is perfect.