Sally Grant

Dermal Clinician

I have been a fully qualified Dermal Clinician since 2009, and have been working with skin for 18 years. My interest in healing the skin began when I was a teenager and had my own journey healing acne. It created a passion for understanding why the skin behaves a certain way and saw the start of my observation of environmental and lifestyle factors impacting the skin.

I’ll never forget the relief when I started seeing changes in how my skin was functioning. I thought to myself, “I want to be able to give others this feeling!”, and so the journey began. When I finished school I studied a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and realised there was so much more to know. I completed my Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Dermal Therapies in 2009 through Victoria University.

As a Dermal Clinician with 18 years industry experience, I understand skin concerns can be accompanied by vulnerability, my aim is to offer the most compassionate care possible while educating you on the why behind what is suggested. I want you to leave our consultation feeling empowered and supported to make the best choices for your skin and body.

Together we will work to understand how your medications, certain foods and lifestyle factors may be affecting the way your skin is functioning. A holistic approach to caring for your skin is key to long term changes.